Taylan Koca

Senior Software Developer

Taylan Koca (Taylan Arif Koca, Birth: 16 May 1985)
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Taylan Koca
  • E-mail: taylankoca@gmail.com, taylan.koca@metu.edu.tr
  • Phone: +90 533 337 34 09
  • Lives in: Ankara, TURKEY
  • Single, Native Turkish, Citizen of the Republic of Turkey
  • Drop out Civil Engineering student @ METU www.metu.edu.tr
  • Knowledge of engineering discipline, analytical integration, and workflows.
  • No military obligation, has a driving license, and has fluent oral and written skills in English.
  • Current technical interests on the blog: taylankoca.wordpress.com

Work Experience

Livstag, Founder, Senior Software Engineer (2024 February, ...)

Livstag provides professional support for your website and mobile application development projects. We successfully manage and develop your projects through services like preparing technical specifications and evaluating received proposals. At every stage, we ensure high-quality standards and timely delivery. We offer comprehensive project management, including planning, scheduling, cost analysis, and performance monitoring, while maintaining confidentiality and security. Our services include detailed technical specifications, professional proposal evaluation, and regular progress reports.

ARPM, Senior Software Engineer (Remotely to New York City, USA; From Ankara; 2023 October, 2024 February)

In my role at Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management (ARPM), I have taken a role in editing and modifying bash scripts, significantly enhancing the functionality and efficiency of updates in both the Education and Python Labs. My responsibilities also include conducting thorough LaTeX checks and implementing necessary updates, a task that ensures the production of high-quality documentation and reports. Recognizing the potential of emerging technologies, I have effectively leveraged AI tools, including ChatGPT, to streamline processes and markedly improve the user experience within our educational tools and resources.

Training Evidence

Macellan, Senior Laravel Developer (Remotely to İstanbul, From Ankara, 2022 December, 2023 September)

At Macellan, I have been working as a Senior Laravel Developer remotely from İstanbul since December 2022. My primary responsibilities include updates and developments on Bulut Filo, a Fleet Management System. I've leveraged the power of AI, specifically technologies like ChatGPT, to solve various problems. My role also encompasses using Jira for project management and practicing Scrum methodologies to enhance team collaboration and efficiency.

TPay Mobile, Payguru Senior Software Engineer (İstanbul & Cairo, 2021 September, 2022 November)

At TPay Mobile (Known as Payguru in Turkey), I served as a Senior Software Engineer in İstanbul & Cairo from September 2021 to November 2022. During this time, I handled operations on a system managing 6 million transactions per month. My experience encompassed Java WildFly, Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), Java Messaging Service (JMS), especially in high-volume systems, and PHP Development for reporting and support systems. I also became proficient with the Bamboo CI/CD Pipeline, integrated with Jira, and Bitbucket, and worked for transitioning to Azure Board. My role incorporated practices like Test Driven Development and Pair Programming, including a technical visit to the TPay Mobile Team in Cairo.

Güven Hospital Web Services Specialist (Ankara, 2019 June, 2021 August)

During my tenure at Güven Hospital as a Web Services Specialist in Ankara from June 2019 to August 2021, I played a crucial role in various projects. I handled the Front-end applications and back-end panels for guven.com.tr, guveninternational.com, and guvenvakfi.org, including design with Figma. Additionally, I developed an app for medical doctors for online CV and photo management, and I was responsible for designing and serving an API related to medical doctor information, utilizing Swagger/OpenAPI for the mobile app. My work also included serving more than six backend record panels both inside and outside the hospital, an HR Module for doctor and nurse applications, and an online medical interview appointment system. My work during the coronavirus pandemic involved significant responsibilities and workload. I also gained experience with the UI Testing Framework Cypress and coordinated SEO Agency Updates. Impressively, the visitors to our web applications grew from 100K to 1 Million in the first year and doubled in the next year. After I quit, in 2023 it was making 1 Million in every two months still with the infrastructure I provided.

Note: I respect to all Güven Family, Doctors, Nurses, and Administrative Staff, for their efforts during the coronavirus time.

Evidence 1 Evidence 2

İyi Makina Interim CTO (İstanbul Remotely, 2019 August, 2020 July)

I served as the Interim CTO at İyi Makina, working remotely from Ankara to İstanbul between August 2019 and July 2020. During this time, I took on various responsibilities such as training and leading the junior team. Our collaboration included weekly meetings, weekend work, and meticulous code review to ensure quality and efficiency. I was also instrumental in designing and implementing both the backend and database design, tailoring them to the specific needs of the organization. Furthermore, I spearheaded the design and implementation of the UI Test framework Cypress, enabling more robust and reliable testing of our user interfaces. The experience provided me with valuable insights into team leadership, systems design, and the importance of rigorous testing in software development.

Servislet Interim CTO (Ankara, 2018 July, 2019 July)

During my tenure as the Interim CTO at Servislet in Ankara from July 2018 to July 2019, I was responsible for a variety of critical tasks. I actively participated in designing and implementing the architecture and backend design and frontend application utilizing technologies such as Laravel and October CMS. I took the lead in Designing and Serving API for 3rd party systems, including the Servislet Mobile App, and was involved in integrating various 3rd party systems such as Firebase, SMS, E-mail, and Slack. My architectural design expertise played a vital role in shaping the system's overall structure, as can be seen in the architectural draft below. They used my architecture until they found a 12M USD investment in Spring 2022 for almost three years.

Servislet Architecture Design

TITCK, OBSS Senior Consultant (Ankara, 2017 November, 2018 April)

Serving as a Senior Consultant at TITCK, OBSS in Ankara from November 2017 to April 2018, I played an instrumental role at the Turkish Medication and Medical Equipment Association, under the Ministry of Health. My responsibilities included implementing and educating project management and collaboration tools such as Jira Confluence and Team Foundation Server. I also provided extensive training to state personnel, focusing on web development technologies like Laravel and various JS Libraries. Additionally, I imparted education on version control systems, such as Git and other VCSs, helping to enhance the technical proficiency of the staff. The photo below is from a training night.

Training Evidence

YD Yazılım Senior Software Developer (Ankara, 2016 September, 2017 April)

During my tenure as a Software Engineer at YD Software, I was actively involved in various projects. A major responsibility was the maintenance of ASP.NET projects made for the Ministry of Culture, Directorate General of Libraries and Publications. ISBN number system managed by an ASP.NET and MsSQL system. I also experienced connecting Oracle databases while supporting the team.

Freelance Works

My Freelance Work encompassed a diverse range of projects across different regions and sectors. I provided my expertise for renthousearuba.com with Marcel van Schie in Aruba, Kingdom of Netherlands, and performed updates for pickyourday.com with Jan Rangul in Trondheim, Norway. In Turkey, I collaborated with various clients, including Doğan Çağlaroğlu for proscout.com, Jason Steinberg for enisteenglish.com in Ankara, Dr. Onur Pekcan for insaatcv.com in Ankara, and Oğuzhan Okutansoy for safirtuz.com.tr in Ankara. Additionally, I contributed to izmirinsandiklari.org, a non-profit group dedicated to election transparency in İzmir, Türkiye. Each of these projects presented unique challenges and opportunities to leverage various technologies and methodologies, culminating in successful outcomes for my clients. I used October CMS which is a Laravel-based CMS, mostly in these projects.

Crealive Web Developer (İstanbul, 2015 May, 2016 April)

During my tenure as a Web Developer at Crealive (İstanbul, 2015 May to 2016 April), I was responsible for updating and maintaining high-volume jewelry e-commerce websites such as Zen Pırlanta and Altınbaş. As a backend developer, my role included designing and implementing API connections for various platforms like Instagram, Gittigidiyor, Hepsiburada, Paypal, and more. I also gained experience in integration with Virtual POSes for banks such as İş Bankası, Garanti, Akbank, and Finansbank (ASSECO). I also integrated international ones like Authorize.net. My technical proficiencies extended to setting up and maintaining Ubuntu Linux systems on Amazon Web Services, including the migration of e-commerce systems to AWS, implementing cache systems like Redis and Memcached for high-volume traffic, and utilizing CENTOS Radore hosting services, with experience in installing and using tools like CPanel, Sentora, and iRedMail.

Baracca API Developer (İstanbul, 2013 August, 2015 May)

At Baracca, working as an API Developer (İstanbul, 2013 August to 2015 May), my responsibilities encompassed creating API Connector Objects using PHP to connect platforms like Radian6, Mediamind, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Yahoo Weather, and various SMS Services. I was responsible for transferring and checking the stability of the data for more than one million rows daily. I was involved in DB Design, setting up and validating Cronjobs, and Server Management on platforms like Amazon Web Services and Digital Ocean. My technical proficiencies also extended to using VCSs like Git, SVN, utilizing frameworks such as Laravel, October, serving and connecting WSDL, REST, implementing Unit Testing, and having Agile Development Experience. Additionally, I mastered Front-end Technologies including HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, JQuery UI, CDNs, CSS Bootstrap.

Manifaktüre Web Developer (İstanbul, 2013 April, 2013 July)

During my tenure as a Web Developer in Manifaktüre (İstanbul, 2013 April to 2013 July), I engaged in the development of Facebook Apps for clients such as Selpak, Total, and others. My role involved the usage of frameworks like Codeigniter, CakePHP, and I extensively focused on Backend development employing Object Oriented Programming. This is the first place I made an object design.

Youthmedia Web Developer (İstanbul, 2012 September, 2013 March)

At Youthmedia (İstanbul, 2012 September to 2013 March), I served as a Web Developer, focusing on the development of webpages and Facebook Apps for various companies and governmental agencies. I worked with prominent clients such as TEB, THY and the Ministry of Youth and Sports. An integral part of my experience was the attendance at the Microsoft Application Acceleration Program on Metro Apps HTML5 & CSS in Dubai (Sept 2012), where I gained valuable insights into cutting-edge technology and development methodologies in an international area.

Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture Web Developer (İstanbul, 2012 September, 2013 March)

During my time as a Web Developer at the Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture (Ankara, 2012 May to 2012 August, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Neriman Şahin Güçhan), I was actively involved in the design and development of nemrut.org.tr. (Nemrut is an archeological place in southeastern anatolia, please check web page for more information.) This experience enabled me to master various front-end technologies, such as the Bootstrap CSS Library for styling and the GMap3 JS Library for pinpointing the locations of historical ruins on the site's interactive map.

BC Institut Türkiye Web Developer (Ankara, 2011 May, 2012 February, Ref: Timuçin Demir)

Serving as a Web Developer at BC-Institut Türkiye in Ankara from May 2011 to February 2012, I took an active part in various development projects. My responsibilities included creating an Online Stock Reporting System using PHP & MySQL, implementing a Cash Flow Reporting System with the same technologies, and developing a Customer Relations Management System leveraging PHP, MySQL, JQuery, JQuery UI, and other JavaScript frameworks. Additionally, I successfully integrated SMS API and VMS API into the systems, demonstrating my expertise in connecting various platforms and technologies.

V-Count Web Developer (Ankara, Former name was KADE, 2010 June, 2011 February, Ref: Kaan Kayabalı)

I worked as a Web Developer at V-Count (formerly known as KADE) in Ankara from June 2010 to February 2011. During my time there, I was responsible for the graphics design of the report interface, using Photoshop, and for the frontend design of the reporting pages, and data updates, including graphs and charts, utilizing JQuery and other JavaScript libraries. I  handled backend data that came from PHP and MySQL, and I started working with complex queries for the first time. This experience provided me with a solid foundation in both front-end and back-end development. This allowed me to develop a comprehensive understanding of the web development process.

Early Works

My Early Works have a special place in my heart and represent my evolution as a software developer. My journey began with my first web page created in 1999 using HTML with iFrame, dedicated to Barış Manço who died the very same year. During high school, I contributed to the World Links Project for global high school connectivity, funded by the World Bank. I earned an AA in Introduction to C Programming in university and was actively involved in Hoccam.com, one of Turkey's largest social media websites at that time. My work included the first digital archive for the famous Cumhuriyet Newspaper and printed design projects using Photoshop. I had the privilege of gaining 3 months of face to face with customer work experience in New York City, USA by Work and Travel J1 Visa, which made my English fluent. Actively participated in the code and maintenance of the Middle East Technical University Student Newspaper, GAZETEODTÜLÜ which has had a huge number of visitors for four years. Additionally, I developed more than 50 corporate web pages between 2005 and 2010, enhancing my skills and passion for web development.


Online Education Certificates

I have invested heavily in my professional development by pursuing various Online Education Certificates. My focus has been on modern and relevant technologies, such as User Experience for Web Design, Webpack 4, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker, and React.js. I have also developed my skills in specialized areas such as SEO for e-commerce, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Branding. My expertise in PHP is reflected in certifications on its new features, design patterns, object-oriented programming, unit testing, and integration with various frameworks like Laravel. Further, I've expanded my knowledge with certifications in NoSQL Databases, Linux for PHP Developers, and tools such as PEAR, PECL, and Composer. These diverse certificates represent my commitment to staying abreast of the latest industry trends and technologies.